Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Final Destination

(Soul searching!)

Travelling in a capsule, space and time were insignificant entities
Until I burst forth, into the unknown
A blanket of hope breaking my fall
The baggage I bore, weighed heavy

I watched wide-eyed, taking in the new surroundings
Amazed at how much there was to explore
Places to see, people to meet, experiences to live
I had much to look forward to

Unbound by inhibition, the possibilities now were infinite
Throwing caution to the winds was the best thing I had ever done
This was going to be one astounding ride! , I thought
As my body hit the surface of the vast grey ocean
And I plunged towards my final destination


Gary M said...

great writings...
where do you take your inspiration from? I see a lot of pain in here...but you take em out so wonderfully! great guns! keep em coming...


Do you happen to watch "grey anatomy"? check out my blog hunney!

lizard_king said...

amazin amazin words :) ... loved goin thru yr writing