Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Rain Cloud

The boy was soaking wet. He was standing in a puddle of water. His clothes hung heavy on his body. Suddenly, a sharp razor-like slither of white light blazed above his head and a gravelly rumbling echoed in his ears. Then came another downpour. He pulled his jacket tightly around his body and sneezed noisily.

“This is fun!” chuckled Nimbus, his fluffy bluish-grey body laden with icy cold water. He puffed up his cheeks, inhaled deeply and blew hard! Again, the boy below was showered with rain!

“Oh, it’s great being a rain cloud!” cried Nimbus. He clapped his hands and did a little dance. Thunder echoed through the skies and lightning flashed all around as he rumbled and tumbled, the rain gushing out of him like a giant waterfall!


Anand Zaveri said...

U R SIMPLY BRILLIANT !!! hats off to your imagination...! i just love coming to ur blog, it's just so rejuvenating..

talha said...

ditto to Anand's comment although i hardly visit blogs