Friday, June 12, 2009

Pocket Rainbow

There was something glinting in the sand on the beach that day. I picked it up and to my surprise I found that it was a little rainbow. It had all the colours a regular rainbow has, and it brought that same smile to my face that a regular rainbow brings, and it looked completely magical just as a regular rainbow always does. But this was no regular rainbow. A regular rainbow would not be lying here on the sand instead of the sky, and it would not come out of its secret hiding place unless there was a chance meeting between the rain and the sun. And this one was too tiny, almost pocket-sized. It could have been a piece of glass or maybe a piece of coral...but it looked like a rainbow to me. And so I picked it up anyway, for a rainbow, however small or large, is not something you leave lying around in the sand!

My life changed the day I found my little pocket rainbow.

I was on my way home, when it began to rain very heavily. It seemed like a thunderstorm and I still had a long way to cover before I reached home. I decided to take a short cut and took a muddy path that passed by the river and then connected back to the main road which would lead me home. As I was passing by the river, the downpour became stronger and a sudden powerful gust of wind made me lose my balance and I slipped on the wet rocks near the river bank. The next thing I knew I was sliding down the loose pebbles and heading straight into the river. I tried to grab on to something, but all that came in my hands was grass and soil. Soon I was thrashing helplessly against the forceful current in the river. I knew how to swim, but my tiny limbs were no match for the raging waves. I tried my best to move my body to the side, where there were better chances of perhaps finding a tree or a rock that I could cling on to. My clothes hung heavy on my body and I could feel something piercing against my leg. I tried to reach into my pocket to ease the discomfort, but could not even move an inch without the water current pushing against me. I realised that it was probably my pocket rainbow that was poking against my leg. The piercing continued till I felt as if it would tear into my skin. The frothy water stung my face, and a huge ripple lifted me up and pulled me along until I my body gave up fighting and I lost consciousness.When I woke up, I was lying on the river bank, covered in dirt, with muscles that ached with the slightest twitch. The sun had come up and the rain had eased into a gentle drizzle. I tried to stand up, but something pulled me down. It was the keychain I always keep attached to the loop of my jeans with the hanging keys tucked into my pocket. The keys were now poking out through a hole in my pocket and were entangled with the thick hanging roots of a banyan tree. That’s what prevented me from being carried away by the current. I untangled the keys from the roots and examined the hole in my pocket. I remembered that the pocket rainbow had been piercing into my leg while I was in the river. That’s what caused the hole. I looked around for it, I searched everywhere, but just couldn’t find it. The sun began to shine brighter now. But the rain hadn’t left yet. I looked up at the sky and spotted a rainbow stretching across the sky, colourful and happy.

I wondered if my little pocket rainbow had turned into a regular rainbow after all.


Anand Zaveri said...

i got goose bumps after reading the end... Simply Beautiful !

Piggy said...

Gosh, Nadine, what a beautiful story! I think you need to send this to the BIG GUYS in publishing!


Carol Wyatt said...

Beautiful story!

mohammad junaid said...

Simply marvelous