Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Fare Well Hotel

The old hotel stood precariously atop a cliff. It swayed gently from side to side, the frothy ocean to its right and the city to its left. It was as if it couldn’t decide which way to go. The pistachio-green paint was peeling from its walls and its window panes had turned a dirty brown. It would have been shut down years ago, had it not been for its only guest. She occupied the hotel’s biggest room…which had also been the grandest at one point in time. She had stayed on in the hotel even after all the other guests had left. She never asked for room service. She never needed housekeeping. She hardly ever stepped out of her room. The hotel owner had lingered on even after he had officially shut shop. He had not wanted to leave her alone. He had also not sold the hotel for he knew that she would have nowhere else to go. He waited and waited for her to make other arrangements. But she had found a home in the hotel and it was where she wanted to live forever. So he simply left. The years had passed on, the seasons had changed and the village around the hotel had turned into a city. But the old hotel never lost its persistent guest. She continued to roam through the large empty corridors, humming softly to herself. Soon the old hotel would fall prey to the passage of time. Its foundation would weaken and its walls would give in to the waves that repeatedly lashed against them. It would crumble to the earth and its pieces would be swept away by the sea. But it’s one and only guest would still not leave. Memory would sit beneath the water amidst the swollen wooden bed posts and broken chandeliers. She would reach out her arms and try to gather the faded picture frames and torn curtains. She would hold the pieces of the old hotel close to her chest until someone found them again someday. She would eternally remain the Fare Well Hotel’s most loyal guest.

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